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Immersive Journalism

Immersive storytelling has been my focus of research for more than a decade, both in the Academia and professional field. I wrote the first existing thesis on Immersive Journalism. After that, I applied the main principles on my Augmented Reality series for kids, NUSHU. You can find more about it here: NUSHU.

In this page, you'll find access to my publications on the topic.

PhD on Immersive Journalism

My PhD thesis was on Immersive Journalism. To me, Immersive Journalism is a way of storytelling in digital journalism aiming to reach a high level of user immersion. In my research, I have been exploring the visual and interactive features that accomplish that goal. In other words, I have been exploring a digital immersive rethoric.

You can access my thesis Periodismo inmersivo. Fundamentos para una forma periodística basada en la interfaz y en la acción here:

  • In Scribb:

  • You can also find the book (in Spanish):

    Other articles for the Academia published before and after my thesis:
      • DOMÍNGUEZ-MARTÍN, Eva. "Periodismo inmersivo o cómo la realidad virtual y el videojuego influyen en la interfaz y la interactividad del relato de actualidad". El profesional de la información, 2015, julio-agosto, v. 24, n. 4, pp. 413-423.
      • DOMÍNGUEZ, Eva. Los nuevos formatos inmersivos y su aplicación en el periodismo. En II Congreso Internacional de Ciberperiodismo y Web 2.0, Bilbao 10-12 noviembre 2010.

      • Los nuevos formatos inmersivos y su aplicación en el periodismo-1 (1)

      • DOMINGUEZ, Eva. “Interfaces e interactividadclaves para una plástica periodística digital” a  LARRAONDO, A. I SERRANO, A. (edsDiseño periodístico en Internet. Zarautz: Servicio Editorial de la Universidad del País Vasco, 2006, p. 81-101.

      Exploring new digital formats of journalistic storytelling has been my passion since 1997, when I started a master in the Interactive Telecommunications Program on ITP.

      I have written articles over the years:


      During my research I collected examples of webdocs in You can follow the topic Interactive & Immersive Journalism.

      Durante mi investigación recopilé ejemplos de periodismo multimedia en

      Puedes verlo en Interactive & Immersive Journalism.