Tag clouds for the State of the Union Speech

MSNBC.com has done an interesting special on the State of the Union 2007 Speech. You can watch the entire speech or go to the segments of topics. But the interesting part is that you can see the most used words related to each part. I reminds me the program I wrote about that analizes the speeches of the Presidents of the US from 1776 to 2006 and visualizes it with tag clouds. In the MSNBC.com special the only criteria is frequency and the analysis is not a comparison with other speeches but it would be interesting to do so in the future.

The NYTimes has done a similar job of analysing the use of words during the Speech and it has compared to previous years' speches. The visualization is different but also effective. The problem here is the words shown are used in all years, so new topics like climate, more rellevant this year, are not there.

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