Ms. Dewey versus Mr. Sam

Antropomorphic agents are being more and more used on the Web. The latest I know is Ms. Dewey, made by Microsoft, who is sometimes entertaining and sometimes nagging. The site is a search engine and this may be the biggest problem. Why do I need someone, even if virtual, to push me to search? Because Ms. Dewey doesn't seem to be doing anything else but decorating the page. The search works as usual, but even worse, because the layout doesn't show all the results in a page but scrolling and the typography is almost unreadable.

Far different is the case of SAM, another VR avatar used to make an interactive service more friendly. But SAM, made by Activa Multimèdia Digital, gives real information. It works as a weather man in all senses and in all platforms, since is cross-media.

Why Microsoft put just pretty face?..

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