Female Virtual Characters

The library of Hamburg online has a digital character, Stella, who assists visitors in their search of content and knowledge. The Hamburg Public Libraries have also a female chatbot, Ina, who has the same dutie.

The help of Stella has increased the usage of journals and databases, according to a recent presentation during the Canadian Access Conference 2006.

Along with Ms. Dewey (Microsoft) and Ana (Ikea) and old examples no longer available like Ananova, we can say that female chatbot are more used than male ones.

2 comentarios:

SuperNova dijo...

In my opinion, the coolest virtual female character right now is Spleak. She's a chatbot for MSN Messenger and she's both fun and smart. Add spleak@hotmail.com to your contacts to try her out :-)


Eva dijo...

Thank you. I will, although I don't use MSN :)